Paul Mazzotta

Award-Winning Platform Artist born in Italy.
Continues to Create innovative HairCare Brands.

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About Paul Mazzotta

I've been developing Beauty Products for 5 Decades (since the 1970s.) I got started in the Beauty Biz in the 1960s. Being a Platform Artist and Educator, I have experience with all the major brands. This is why I was very precise in selecting what elements to include in my product offerings. Here you will see Hair & Skin Products for nearly every demographic. Whether you have Dry Hair, Fine Hair, Curly Hair, Frizzy Hair, etc. There is truly "something for everyone." I delight in bringing these cutting-edge products to you, to help you achieve your desired style. All of these Brands are exclusively Developed, Formulated, Manufactured, and Packaged by my staff in the Untied States. These Products are Cruelty-Free, meaning We Do NOT test on Animals, and Never Have.